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Bonnet Springs Park Will Knock Your Socks Off: Here’s Why

Mar 5, 2018 | Bonnett Springs


Just recently, the Bonnet Springs Park committee revealed their plans and timeline for what could become Central Florida’s most impressive park and community space. On the northwest side of downtown Lakeland, a large plot of unusable land along with a polluted Lake Bonnet had been forgotten… until now.

Due to the unbelievable generosity of private investors and donations, this area is being revitalized, cleaned, and constructed into a sprawling park built for culture, walking, biking, and so much more. From the Bonnet Springs committee:

“The time has arrived to think boldly about the future and to create a downtown park to serve this growing region for generations to come. Bonnet Springs Park will be a culturally vibrant and ecologically rich destination.”

With a credit to LKLDnow for providing this image of the proposed park map, here are some of the exciting features we hope to see.

South Gateway

The main entrance, with a welcome center, heritage plaza, heritage gardens, and pedestrian bridge.


Central Green

The Anchor Institution, restaurant, (huge) amphitheater, a great lawn, and ridge slides.


Bonnet Springs Valley

A flume garden, the Bonnet Springs restoration project, a nature playground, and a forest amphitheater.


The Garden

An event building, event lawn, fountain, shade structure, and swings.


The Oak Grove

The canopy walk and an incredible treehouse!


The Lakefront

The nature center building, nature center plaza and deck, lake inlet and island, and a boardwalk with lookouts and gardens.


The Circulator

A large multi-use path with lighting and signage that will span the length of the park!


What’s Next?

The Bonnet Springs Park is working diligently to make this dream a reality. Visit for more information, and even to donate towards the cause! So, what do you think of this park?




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